Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A good Story for my debut?

Two guys sharing a dorm room at college, Jack and Andy. Jack has a very neurotic outlook on life due to his reclusive behaviour during his childhood, after a break up and death of one of his parents, he begins questioning life, always seeming on the edge. He hides away from the world in books and ignores any problems he’s facing. He wears 60s fashion laden with grunge qualities, just because no one else around does. Alcohol and drugs, mainly dope, is what he spends most if his college loan on. Took up an addiction of sleeping pills and pain killers and is quite proud in the genius of robbing the college nurse of her tablets when she’s out for lunch. When we meet him in the story his “out of control days” are nearly over, he’s maturing but as he’s doing just that, he becomes more distressed with every ounce of knowledge he gathers along the line in his life. His conclusion to everything is “there is no point”, not literally but the poignant undertones can be identified with the words he says. He’s giving up since he has realised that everything dies, fades away, and he’s having the toughest time getting over the fact.

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